Volume 60, Issue 2, of the Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA contains a collection of essays written in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Melville B. Nimmer’s and David Nimmer’s classic treatise, Nimmer on Copyright. The issue opens with Stewarding the Common Law of Copy- right by Shyamkrishna Balganesh, which delves into the judicial develop- ment of copyright law, discusses how it has survived over the past several decades, and notes the role Nimmer on Copyright “has had on its evolu- tion, legitimacy, transparency, and robustness.” The author concludes that: “It is hard to think of another area that has seen a treatise play as pervasive and influential a role in the development of the law, along the lines that the Nimmer treatise has played in copyright.”

The next essay, Factorless Fair Use? Was Melville Nimmer Right?, by former Society president Richard Dannay recalls that when the 1976 Cop- yright Act was being drafted Melville B. Nimmer wanted the fair use pro- vision to be “a spare, unadorned statement that ‘fair use of a copyrighted work . . . is not an infringement of copyright . . . .’” He concludes by noting that: “Professor Melville Nimmer may have hit the fair-use sweet spot when he proposed a factorless fair use and that David Nimmer may have recognized its wisdom by concluding that the four factors are, really, only a ‘fairy tale.’”