Volume 60, Issue 3, of the Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA begins with The Orphan Works Copyright Issue: Suggestions for Interna- tional Response by Bingbin Lu, which proposes a legal framework that would solve the orphan works problem and facilitate lawful, cross-border online access to orphan works. After examining the issues, the author concludes that: “The international treaties on copyright should be revised or a special agreement on orphan works should be drafted in order to address the challenges posed by digital technologies in the Internet era.” The next two articles deal with aspects of Chinese law. Dancing in Shackles: Copyright in China’s Highly Regulated Publishing Market by Hongsong Song discusses the tensions that exist in China’s media industry between the market and state control. He observes that by acquiescing to private publishing, the state press control authorities derive revenue from the profits of private publishing and “benefit from copyright revenue gen- erated from the market.” Toward a More Balanced Model: The Revision of Anti-Circumvention Rules by (Jerry) Jie Hua, focuses on China when looking for a way to revise anti-circumvention rules in a way that would “restore the balance of interests between copyright owners and public users in general, as well as guarantee access to information and knowledge in less developed countries . . ..” He advocates: “the inclusion of access- control technological measures into more general legal systems such as competition law.”