Tonight I would like to discuss the improvements that some of you have been calling for with respect to the core services and technical capac- ity of the U.S. Copyright Office, many of which I agree with and all of which deserve further consideration. I will also report on the conclusions of some of the special projects that my colleagues and I conducted from October 2011 through October 2013 for the purpose of assessing deficien- cies and vulnerabilities of the Office and preparing it for future challenges. To the many stakeholders who engaged with us on issues of law, business, and technology during this process, we express our gratitude and appreciation. Where possible, we have already adopted new programs. For exam- ple, in the past year, in the category of supplementing our lean staff, we commenced research partnerships with law schools (beginning with Stan- ford), announced the Abraham Kaminstein Scholar in Residence Program (for professors and other substantive experts) and the Barbara A. Ringer Copyright Honors Program (for law school graduates).